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Nail Tek Perfect Pedicure at Home Everytime you need to complete a basic pedicure in the comfort of your home.
Kit includes:
Foundation III - .5 oz.
Protection Plus III - .5 oz.
RENEW - .5 oz.

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Nail Care Guide

Nail Tek

Nail Tek Protect your nails from damage Don't use your nails as tools. Rather than using your nails, use other parts of your hand or an implement to perform tasks like dialing a phone or fastening things.

Nail Tek Protect your nails from moisture Detergents and water are particularly harsh and cause splitting and peeling of the nail. Wear gloves when cleaning or gardening to prevent dryness, damage, and loss of natural oils.

Nail Tek Patch your nails as soon as they break Use whichever type of patch you prefer. Then seal the patch with your strengthener formulation.

Nail Tek Grow your nails sensibly The proper length of your nails depends on you activity and lifestyle. In general, the nail tip should extend no further than one third of the body of the nail. Nails break less often when they are of equal length and shaped square or round.

Nail Tek Nails grow at different rates Apply an extra coat of strengthener to nails that seem to grow slower or chip more often. To be flexible and strong, nails must be healthy. Natural nails consist of many layers. Left unprotected, these can peel away, leaving the nail soft and weak. With each application, Nail Tek restorative formulations seal these layers together to reinforce, strengthen, and protect your nails.