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Nail Tek Perfect Pedicure at Home Everytime you need to complete a basic pedicure in the comfort of your home.
Kit includes:
Foundation III - .5 oz.
Protection Plus III - .5 oz.
RENEW - .5 oz.

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Nail Tek

All nails are NOT created equal and different problems require different solutions. The Nail Tek Nail Program was developed to help you grow and keep healthy, strong, natural nails. This highly personalized system is designed to ensure your success. Each strengthener formulation provides effective nail therapy for specific nail conditions so whatever the condition of your nails, there is a formulation right for you.

Nail Tek XTRA is a highly effective treatment designed for nails resistant to conventional therapies. Use this concentrated formulation to provide the extra strength to correct very severe nail weakness. It is designed for short term use. Most clients can successfully graduate to Formulation II after only a short course of treatment.

Weather, lifestyle and daily living all influence the condition of your nails. The nail program allows you to move freely between formulations to provide the type of conditioning and strengthening that your nails need. As you change, so does your formulation!